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Movies About Autism that are Available on Netflix Instant and Other Stuff

These are the movies that have characters with autism in them or are documentaries about autism. These are only the movies that are available on Netflix Instant Watch. I’ve added what I thought of the ones I’ve had time to watch and will edit this post as I watch more of them.


Loving Lampposts-I did a giveaway of this movie last year and it’s a really good documentary. It shows how unique people with autism are and interviews lots of adults with autism. I really enjoyed this one.

Frontline: The Vaccine War-This one has Jenny McCarthy and most people in the autism community have strong opinions one way or the other as far as vaccinations go. This movie has the potential to have you steaming mad or nodding in agreement depending on your vaccine stance.

Her Name is Sabine

Unforgotten:Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook This is a pretty horrifying documentary about how some people with special needs were treated at the institution of Willowbrook.


Ben X


Fly Away is about a young woman with autism and the struggles that she encounters and the struggles that her mom encounters as she grows up into adulthood. I liked this movie, I thought it was well done. Adrian and Sanura sat and watched the whole thing with me.

The Horse Boy

A Child is Waiting


If you see any I missed message me and I’ll add them.

Here is a list of posts from my blog from last April that I thought might be useful to someone:

Guest Post:Baby Sign Language-Good for Child, Good for Family

PBS Autism Now-All Six Parts of the Series

Guest Post: Pictures and Autism: Using Pictures to Teach Creative Language

Autism Charities

Links to Share Including All the Articles from Goody Blog Voice of Autism

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you’d like to have a chance at winning a copy of The Golden Hat:Talking Back to Autism. There will be 2 given away and you have until April 14.

My blog was listed on Healthism Blog’s list of Most Inspiring Blogs from Parents of Children with Autism, I’m honored to be part of the list so check out the other blogs on that list.

And just to update on Adrian’s leg, the limp seems to be gone so hopefully whatever it was is all healed up!


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  • Hello Joy, I’ve been following your blog now for the past two weeks. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your posts and getting to see things from a first-hand perspective for a change. I am a student taking the Developmental Service Worker program in my hometown, but reading about a condition can only do you so good. I enjoyed reading about your first hand experiences throughout the weeks, as well as seeing how you’ve dealt with the various issues that had arisen. It brought a smile to my face when I imagined how funny it must have looked to be squeezing Adrian’s head in the supermarket, and how confused the other shoppers must have looked. I also liked how you shared your experience of teaching Sanura about social interaction and etiquette, as I understand this can be difficult for children with Asperger’s Syndrome throughout their lives. I felt empathetic when you spoke of how frustrating it was to not be able to communicate with Adrian why and where he hurt, as I too have had such experiences with the individuals I work with. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed reading about your family, as well as seeing all the various resources you share with us throughout the blog. Thank you and please continue sharing your experiences, it has been a wonderful and informative two weeks. Thanks,


  • I saw a few Netflix movies that you missed or perhaps they aren’t instant; however I thought that I might mention them to you -

    A mother’s courage: Talking Back to Autism

    Temple Grandin – staring Claire Danes

    Coming soon but available for purchase online -

    Autism Every Day

    The Autism Enigma

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