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Links To Share Including About.com Autism Mom Stories

Autism Awareness Animation

Yoga Beneficial for Children with Autism

Pepsi Refresh Project-Vote for training and placing services animals for children and adults with autism

About.com is featuring a bunch of moms who are raising children with autism, here is the posts they’ve had so far:

An Autism Mom Reflects on Daily Struggles and Triumphs

An Autism Mom on the Meaning of Mother’s Day

An Autism Mom Follows Her Instincts

An Autism Mom Gets Back on Track

An Autism Mom Finds Her Son’s Happiness is Most Important

An Autism Grandma Honors Her Daughter with a Mother’s Day Poem

An Autism Mom on “The Best Gift of All”

Just “Mom”

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Links to Share Including all of the Voices Autism Posts from Goody Blog

All six videos from the PBS Autism Now Series

Interactive Autism Network is connecting researchers with families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders so if you’d like to participate in that check out that link for details.

About.com is going to be sharing stories of motherhood and autism for Mother’s Day which is on May 8th. If you want to participate you can get details here.

Another way to share your story, this is sharing about autism and finances. If that interests you click here for details.

$160,000 Raised for Autism Center

Batter Up! For Autism Awareness

Parents of Vineland Developmental Center Speak Out Against Proposed Closure

Questionnaire Could Lead to Earlier Autism Screenings

Five Reasons for Laughs with Autism

Complete List of Voices of Autism from Goody Blog
April 1st- Beauty in the Little Things
April 2nd- My Internal Conflict
April 3rd- A Heart as Big as the Moon
April 4th-Not a Dirty Little Secret
April 5th- Only One Wall Standing
April 6th-Cloudy with a Chance of Sobbing
April 7th- I love Jonah for Who he Is
April 8th- He is a Fighter
April 9th-Hearing the ‘R’ Word
April 10th-Really Grateful she is Mine
April 11th-I Have to Keep Positive and Hopeful
April 12th- Twins Who Share a Diagnosis
April 13th-The World Looks Cool Upside Down
April 14th- I Mourned for my Hopes and Dreams
April 15th- We Learned to Take Nothing for Granted
April 16th- Trapped in Your Own Head
April 17th- Extreme Sensory Issues
April 18th- Random Acts of Pickles
April 19th- The Real Holy Grail
April 20th- Who Is He?
April 21st-My Story
April 22nd- Milestones
April 23rd- The Challenges of a Military Family
April 24th-More of a Blessing then a Curse
April 25th- I was Completely Blindsided
April 26th- Please Understand
April 27th-Happiness is Soft Things
April 28th- Ashlyn Has a Job
April 29th- Labeled as the Bad Kid
April 30th- Just as Beautiful
April 30th- It’s Sort of a Good Thing

Autism Jokes with Byron Filler-Caution- A little adult language in this:

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Links to Share-Including Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Interview with Ed Asner About Autism

Skydiver Jumps 30 Times in One Day for Autism Awareness

Poem: “The Wrong Impression” by Jeffrey M. Kellen

For Parents-50 Tiny Changes you Should Make to Reduce Stress We have to take care of ourselves to take the best care of our kids!

You have 5 days left to enter my giveaway for the drawing of one of three DVD’s of the autism documentary Loving Lampposts and there are many other giveaways still going on for the entire month of April, you can still get it on these giveaways hosted by over 50 bloggers giving away over $1100 worth of autism products (also many of the bloggers blog about ADHD so if that’s what your dealing with check out the giveaways!)

2011 Autism Charity Classic Golf Tournament

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Links To Share

I have been keeping a running post of links I wanted to share and I don’t want it to get too terribly long and have something important get lost in the shuffle….so I’m just gonna hit publish! K? Enjoy…useful, informative, entertaining stuff here.

How to be a Friend to an Autism Mom

What would my son be like without autism? This one made me cry.

Ballet Class Designed for Children with Special Needs

Top Ten Toys for Kids with Autism and How to Use Them

Autistic Track Star Sidelined by Bureaucracy

For the Autistic, Potential is not Defined by Condition

A Parent’s Guide to Extended School Year Services

Interview and Giveaway With Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman on ‘Growing An In-Sync Child’

Autistic Teen Named Prom King

Autism Books for $2.99

Curious what retailers support Autism Speaks? Check it out.

Ellen read a letter and receives a gift for charity from Carly Fleischmann

Dubai Urged to Step Up for Autism

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When it comes to autism in my opinion the scariest and most life threatening symptom of autism is wandering. I see stories like this and it just tears me up. I can’t believe it. A sweet boy’s life lost. It’s unfathomable.

Adrian is not a wanderer for the most part although there are a couple of times he has bolted in public. Once when we were at the aquarium he got so far ahead I couldn’t see him. I was chasing him and didn’t see him and it was crowded and I had all kinds of terrifying thoughts running through my head. Not long ago at school Adrian took off running during recess. He made it all the way across a big field to the parking lot where a stranger stopped him and gave him to the teachers who were taking chase after him. One other scary incident we had was at the park. It was a birthday party for one of our children. He was playing with all the other kids and I was checking on him frequently but also talking to our guests. I looked up and didn’t see Adrian. I felt that panic that all parents know when they momentarily lose sight of their child. A bunch of us took off in different directions to look for him. He was in the bathroom that was there at the park. That was so scary.

We’ve used Who’s Shoes ID tags for a while now:

Shortly after I read the story about the tragic loss of four year old Blake Pennington the National Autism Association tweeted something that I’ve never heard of before and I was able to go and check that out and I definitely had to pass this along to everyone I can, it’s called the Big Red Safety Box

Big Red Safety Box comes with the following items according to their website:


  1. A caregiver checklist
  2. A family wandering emergency plan
  3. A first responder profile form
  4. A wandering prevention brochure
  5. A sample IEP letter
  6. 2 GE door alarms
  7. One who’s shoe ID
  8. Five (5) Laminated Adhesive Stop Sign Visual Prompts for doors and windows

And look at this website for more information on preventing wandering.

We can only do so much to keep our children safe but I think this kit is a great way to be proactive about keeping your child safe. The Big Red Safety Box is provided by a generous grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. So click here and it will take you directly to the short form you need to fill out to receive one of these safety boxes for your child.

As I was compiling information for this post this evening a student from the University of Kansas contacted me asked me to  fill out a survey, here is the information about the survey:

Thank you for your time, we are a group of Masters Students at the University of Kansas trying to determine the demand for a new product that would help families who are affected by members with medical conditions such as autistic children or elderly dementia patients. The main purpose would be to track autistic children while they are indoors, for example large stores or arenas however it can be adapted to serve other purposes. Please help us further our progress on this potential product by answering the following questions.

As you can see it’s a timely request as I was just writing and thinking about wandering and wandering prevention so if you’d like to help out these students go HERE to take their quick survey. I am happy to pass along this information so people can develop products and methods to assist us in keeping our children safe so hopefully you will support that as well.

With that I can just say that if you can keep these families in your thoughts and prayers I bet they would really appreciate that.

PS I’ve been in search of a child safety expert to write a guest post for me and I haven’t received a “yes” response to that request as of yet. If you are a child safety expert and would like to contribute a guest post about autism and safety I would be grateful! :)



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Just Call Me the Crazy Emotional Lady

Or don’t cause I might cry.

First things first, Adrian had a great day today at school. No problems, no time outs. Praise God for that one.

I have been extremely emotional lately. Not just the bad emotions, but the good ones too. I don’t know if it’s just wacky emotional woman stuff or just that I’ve been going through so much the last few months but every emotion is magnified. Proud of my kids, overwhelmed, frustrated, happy, afraid, excited, it’s all just magnified right now.

I was telling Adrian how proud I was of him for having a good day today at school and I cried. I ran to the store with him and he hummed the whole way through the store and covered his ears to avoid the beeping of the busy cash register. He didn’t want to hold my hand but I was worried he might bolt unexpectedly if I let go. I tried to give him a little bit of space. He chose some goldfish crackers for a snack. He gave them to the cashier and she asked if we wanted anything left out. I said that he could have his crackers. I asked him “do you want to hold your crackers?” and he said “yeah”. What amazing victories we have had in communication the last year or so.

I just have one more thing I wanted to share with you. I am always interested in people who are artistic. No re-read it doesn’t say “autistic” it says “artistic”…please say I’m not the only one who often reads “artistic” as “autistic” or the name “Austin” as “Autism” haha…Anyway. I am not, in the least, artistic. I don’t consider myself crafty or even very creative. I am not one of these women that everything in their house seems to be just beautiful. In fact my house is probably one step below a bachelor’s pad, decor wise.

I love to look at other people’s works of art and hear the stories behind them. I especially enjoyed writing my Artists with Autism post because in researching for those links I got to see a lot of works of art by people with autism. This morning I got a comment from someone who has a son with autism and is an artist. I just really wanted to encourage you to look at her Autism Art Project and support that if you feel so led. She also writes a blog where you can read more about her, her son, and her art work.

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Link Sharing

I became a fan of Autistic Playground and they have been providing a wealth of information and links about autism. I wanted to write these up here on the blog because I’m sure there are many people who aren’t active on facebook but would find these links interesting.

Video-Surfers for Autism This is an amazing link, I love this “out of the box” kind of therapy that is enjoyable for kids on the spectrum. They’re kids! They should be having fun and learning so this is awesome. I did mention Surfers for Autism on my Autism Charities Post and if you don’t live near the water check out this article that talks about the benefits of martial arts in individuals with autism.

There is a special education teacher that has been focusing on autism this month for Autism Awareness month. You can check out her blog at My Sweet Life (with Two Twinkies and a Cupcake) It’s wonderful to get the perspective of a teacher in an open way like a blog.

There are a lot of teacher heros out there. Thomas James Dunn gave the ultimate sacrifice for one of his students while he was out crossing a street helping to teach his student with autism a life skill. He was a single father so I will definitely be saying a prayer for his two children and the rest of his family and friends.

Looking for a book to read in all your “free time” I know you all have loads of that….Anyway, if you are the Huffington Post has made a list of 9 Poignant Autism Books

PICTURES: Lehigh Valley Walk Now for Autism
Lehigh Parkway in Allentown

Shreveport lawmaker walks to call attention to autism and obesity

UFC News: Jon Jones Looks to Fight Back Against Autism

Police, firefighters and autistic kids get to know each other

Goody Blog is featuring families with autism this month, click here to see April 1st-11th and here are the links for the 12th-17th

April 12- Twins Who Share a Diagnosis

April 13-The World Looks Cool Upside Down
April 14- I Mourned for my Hopes and Dreams
April 15- We Learned to Take Nothing for Granted
April 16- Trapped in Your Own Head
April 17- Extreme Sensory Issues

Check out this example of sensory overload created by someone who has autism

That’s all I’ve got for now but if you are on facebook check out Autistic Playground because it’s really active and informative.

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Exciting News!

It’s just one awesome thing after another.

First of all Adrian had a fantastic day at school. His teacher called and told me “Adrian had a great day! No timeouts, he was able to participate in all his specials with no problems. He just had a great day! And he’s just talking more and more everyday, it’s amazing.”…well that’s pretty much what she said and I’m just so very happy and excited about the good behavior today. Adrian’s communication is just so awesome, you guys, I can barely stand it I’m so excited about his communication. Earlier today he said “Dad! Come here!” he wanted Glen to get him cereal, I was browsing the internet looking at a snake picture of all things and he said “ahhh a snake!” and wanted me to look up more snake pictures. Even with all of the behavior issues his communication progress has me just over the moon happy.

Secondly, did you see my post earlier about $1100 worth of autism stuff that you can win? How cool is that?? Most of the bloggers who are participating in these giveaways are allowing their giveaways to run for the entire month of April so you have time to enter each of them and win yourself some cool autism stuff! Also if you can pass this on to other parents who are dealing with an autism spectrum disorder or even ADHD so they can have the chance to win too.

Next up I have a pediatric speech language pathologist who did a guest post for me and I’m going to be sharing about her, her website, and sharing her guest post on Monday. I think you’re really going to like it and find it useful and informative.

Check out my facebook page, I’ve been adding videos and pictures the last few days!

Also I wanted to share a facebook community called Autistic Playground, it’s active, growing, and informative! Their wall is open for you to post what you want to help spread autism awareness in your own way. There is a lot of news articles, videos, and discussions so check that out too.

So that’s my news for today, I hope your day was as good as mine!

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Artists with Autism

All of my children are really good at art. They’re creative and always coming up with interesting things. Sanura, Adrian, and Nevaeh are all 3 better drawers then me. Glen is a wonderful artist although he will tell you he isn’t. His drawings are very good. I’m always interested in learning about people with autism and I love to look at art made by people who have autism, I thought you all might enjoy these links too.

Arts Unbound is a non profit organization that helps youth, adults, and seniors with special needs develop art skills through professional classes and gives the artists the opportunity to sell their artwork.
Taylor Crowe is a 29 year old man who has autism. He travels and speaks about autism and was interested in animation but now mostly paints portraits and landscapes.
Stephen Wiltshire draws and paints cities after seeing them only briefly. He’s a very talented and detailed artist.
Jessica Park is a wonderful painter who’s paintings seem to be filled with vibrant colors.
Susan Brown draws and paints and she has been an artist since the 1980′s.
Justin Canha is a 21 year old artist with autism. He likes to draw animals, do computer animations, and paint.
Barry Kahn uses markers to draw his colorful art.
Anie Kipping uses technology to make stunning artwork.
Alex Masket is a 23 year old man with autism who likes to make art work out of duct tape and legos.
Alonzo Clemons is a talented sculptor with autism.
Larry Bissonnette is a painter with autism
George Widener is a working artist who’s artwork is featured in various galleries and museums.
Jonathan Lerman draws amazing charcoal portraits.

I hope you enjoy learning about these talented and diverse artists who just happen to have autism. I know I really enjoyed reading about them and looking through their art.

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Goody Blog:Voices of Autism

Have you checked out Goody Blog and read the voices of autism stories? They’re really good and they’re posting one everyday in April for Autism Awareness month. I wanted to share the links with you just in case you haven’t read them yet!

April 1st- Beauty in the Little Things
April 2nd- My Internal Conflict
April 3rd- A Heart as Big as the Moon
April 4th-Not a Dirty Little Secret
April 5th- Only One Wall Standing
April 6th-Cloudy with a Chance of Sobbing
April 7th- I love Jonah for Who he Is
April 8th- He is a Fighter
April 9th-Hearing the ‘R’ Word
April 10th-Really Grateful she is Mine
April 11th-I Have to Keep Positive and Hopeful